The Beautiful Color Combination of Pink and White for Girls Room Activity

Designing little girl’s room is one of pleasant activity. Little girl’s room is not only for sleep, but has many functions such as study, play with dolls, make up, and many more. Little girl’s room is much more interesting if it’s designed with combination between pink and white colors.

The room must available for everything that related to little girl’s activities including playing, studying and sleeping. For bathroom, you can place right next to the bedroom and it’s also features the same colors. Meanwhile,  for sleeping area is at its bottom which occupying the entire wall. It will be good if on both sides of the bed are placed with white nice lacquered tables. Meanwhile for study area, it’s strongly recommended to be placed near to window.

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The Cool Study Space for Children with Italian Furniture by corazzin Manufacturer Collection

Purchasing furniture is one of fun activity because as parent, your heart must be getting filled after seeing the little furniture for your children, isn’t it? However, when you are purchasing furniture for your baby, there are many things, which you have to take care of and the most important of them is safety.

Management of a pleasant study place is very crucial for any children’s room. Moreover, such study place must be cozy as well in order to encourage your children to do their homework. There are several ideas about how study place should look alike and what furniture should it feature. The most recommended study spaces which designed with furniture is from Italian manufacturer Corazzin group.

Hottest Baby Bathtub FlexiBath Collection with a Color Changing Drain by A Real Cool World

Parents should know that every kid will cry or grumble when taking a shower or to be cleaned after bathing.If we can do this in our new bathtub, we will completely happy and our baby too, fortunately, now there is a solution for this problem called FlexiBath, this is is a foldable baby bathtub designed by A Real Cool World, a Danish company.

The size of this bathtub is similar with the size of normal baby bathtub and does not contain any dangerous materials and can be folded in an easy way after using. Moreover, this comfortable bathtub helps make your place much more neat anyway. FlexiBath is responsive to temperature , therefore the drain plug will changes color when the bath water goes the ideal temperature. Those all amazing features make this baby bathtub being the most awesome furniture design.